Difference between Tornado and Cyclone

If we talk about Cyclone and Tornado, then you must be confused as to what is the difference between these two. So let us know the difference between Cyclone and Tornado through this article.

What is Cyclone?
  • Cyclone is a storm arising on the surface of water.
  • When winds move in a circular motion in a stormy manner, a cyclone occurs.
  • In the context of India, it originates from the coastal regions.
  • For example, the storm that forms in the Bay of Bengal is Moka.
  • Its form is hurricane and typhoon.
  • The storm that originates off the coast of Florida is known as Hurricane, while the storm that comes to the coast of Philippines is called Typhoon.
What is Tornado?
  • ¬†Tornado is a storm that arises on the ground surface. In this also the winds move in a stormy circle, which uproots everything that comes in its path.
  • In America, this type of storm is also called a twister.
  • In India we know it as Tornado.
  • Sometimes the speed of a tornado can exceed 325 kilometers per hour.
  • Talking about their shape, it looks like a funnel, in which there is a circle of strong winds.
  • Such storms are mostly seen in North and South America.
Major differences between Cyclone and Tornado
  • ¬†Cyclones always form on the surface of water, where hot air waves are present, whereas Tornadoes form above the land, which are connected from the ground to the sky.
  • Cyclone duration is long. In some cases it is up to 31 days, whereas this is not the case with Tornado. This may range from a few minutes to a few hours.
  • The wind speed in Cyclone is less than 300 kilometers per hour, whereas in Tornado the wind speed is higher.
     Cyclones can be predicted a few days in advance, while Tornadoes have less time to detect.
  • Recently, the Cyclone forming in the Bay of Bengal is in the news. Every year at different times we get to hear and read about different types of cyclones, which is a natural disaster. Meteorological agencies keep alerting us about such natural disasters by giving forecasts. At the same time, Tornado is also a very dangerous natural disaster, about which we often hear. Both these disasters are more harmful to life.

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