What is-Teaching,Instruction,Training

  • Teaching is imparting knowledge in students formally and informally
  • Teaching basically performed in classroom and nowadays online
  • This is complex or broader
  • Teachers are trained to teach well or they are professional to impart knowledge
  • Long term/life long
  • These are just instructions.
  • They can be used in classroom as well as at any place to do work in a order or as per instruction.
  • This is also narrower term.
  • Teachers or trainers both can instruct
  • Short term
  • Training is to make student good in skills/fields particular
  • It takes place in work place or fields (example: computer labs, science labs, etc.)
  • This is narrow term or to train for particular skills
  • Trainers skilled or expert person in particular fields Activate Window
  • Short or for specific time

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