Gender Bias/Gender Discrimination

Meaning of Gender Bias/Gender Discrimination

Gender Bias refers to unfair treatment given to either men or women on account of their sex. Favoritism towards one gender over another.

  • Gender Bias is  a preference towards one gender over the other.
  • Gender Bias  is when  Men and Women are treated differently in a way that is unfair.
  • Due to gender bias, girls are kept less in the society, in education and in nutrition than the boys.
  • Gendes Bias occurs because of Personal Valves, perceptions omd out dated traditional views about men and women.
  • At present Gendese_biasness exist almost all spheres of human being, at work place, in…school, health, etc.
  • Gendero bias is also a gender discrimination, one sidedness, partiality, Unequal treatment,  Unfairness. Gender discrimination includes the belief that one gender is superior over another (especially that men are superior to women. It is important to note that gender discrimination exists on both direction.
Kinds of Gender Bias
  • Education- Gender bias is the tendency to prefer one gender over another. It is a form of unfair treatment towards male or female consciously or unconsciously in Education.
  • Health care- Gender Bias in respect of health and nutrition draws our attention towards a scenario, in which the women are facing inequality in many countries, including India where the women are deprived not only from the other important rights but also has to face discrimination in respect of health and nutrition.
  • Unequal Pay- Payment should be on the basis of performace and experience. Not on Gender basis.
  • Interview ablitiy- Interview questions should be some for both gender.  We should best employers for better growth and performance of our company
  •  Responsibilities- Both  genders should given equally responisbilites in basis of their qualification.
  •  Conversations- Conversation for both male and female should remain same .
  • Termimations- Reason for tereminaton from job is did’t based on gender.
Reason for Gender Bias
  • Customs and Traditions.
  •  Lack of awareness.
  • Illiteracy.
  • Government Apathy.
  • Social Evils : Dowry, Child Marriage etc
  • Faulty Education System.
  • Poverty.
  • Socical attitude.
  • Evil Traditions.
To end Gender Bias
  • Public Education.
  • Awareness .
  • policies & Provisions .
  • Improvement in Education System .
  • Prevention of social evils. Spreading women education.
  • Vocational School for girls.

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