Concept of Patriarchy

Patriarcht refers to a social system in which males hold primary power. In domain of family father holds authority over childrens and womens.

Patriarchy literally means therule of father’


Characteristics of Patriarchy

  • The focal point of this system is Men.
  • In this system man make decisions at home and outside.
  • Discrimination between boys and girls done by this system.
  • Men are at the center of socio-economic, cultural , political activities.

Demerits of patrirachy

  • Patriarchy also places expectations on boys/men too and limits their choices and expressions – boys find it hard to choose to be dancers, musicians, cooks or tailors.
  • They get pushed into being ‘muscular’ and ‘macho’men.
  • Even today, in our society there is a “son preference’ for various reasons.
  • Oppression of women.
  • Wasted potential of women.
  • Enhances gender issues (Gender based Violence: If gender is a social construct, then men are not born violent and aggressive. It is faulty socialization and upbringing that promotes a macho image).
  • Patriarchy disadvantages women but it also brings a set of behavioural norms and responsibilities that hinders men from expressing their pressures to perform in adherence with traditional notions of masculinity.

Merits of Patrirachy

  • Disadvantages for women can be advantages for men.
  • Men are more likely to be hired, promoted, and paid more for the same jobs than women.
  • Reasons for not hiring women…..
  • The leader of the family is already decided so there is no dispute and questions about who rules .
  • In this system no burden of leadership or responsibility given to women so that they can focus on their primary responsibilities of nourishing children.
  • Many women feel valued for their unit contribution in Patriarchic system. 
  • A male is the only head who gives direction to the family members and encourage them to serve others.

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