Principles of Assessment and Evaluation

Principles of Assessments-

Principle of Reliability-

Assessment and its method should be reliable, and trustworthy and we can rely on the result of assessment so that student or teacher don’t get misguided.

Principle of explicitly and transparency-

The result of assessment should be explicit , transparent (Clear) so that at any point student can raise a question about the result and improve the score.

Principle of Comprehensiveness-

The methods of assessment should assess most of the skills of students. The assessment should be holistic so that it can ascess mostly skills of Students or Learner.

Principle of child centered-

The assessment should be as per the pupil’s age. Only those skills to be assessed that are provided to pupil during instructions. or according to their age group. They should not be assessed for instruction that or not provide or from higer age groupĀ  or level.

Principle of Manageability-

The amount of assessed work should be manageable. The scheduling of assignments and the amount of assessed work required should provide a reliable and valid profile of achievement without overloading staff or students. so it does’nt put extra pressure or overburden on student or teachers.

Principle of Objectivity-

There should be some fixed objective why we need to assess the pupil. like improving the performance of student or solvingĀ  difficulties student or learner face in learning , to make everytthing easy to acess.

Principle of Fairness-

The assessment should be fair for all there should not be any kind of partiality. No student shouldn’t given any special score every should be treated equally. Because given someone special scores effect himself other students too.

Principle of Continuity -

The assessment should be continuous in nature to assess the pupil time to time. Continuos assessment healp teacher to manage progress of assessment through the year. It helps teacher to find difficulties faced by learner in particular matter and help them to resolve it for better and easy learning of student.

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