Concept of Measurment,Evaluation and Assessment


  •  Measurement refers to the process by which the attributes, dimensions or characteristics of some objects are quantified.
  • Measurement is Quantitative in nature. 
  • Quantity is always expressed in numerical term.
  • Measurement as used in education refers to the process of quantifying an individual’s achievement, personality and attitudes among others by means of appropriate measuring instruments.

In order to measure the learning achievement of students in different subjects teacher use tests or exams and then assign them grades.

Measurement is ‘Quantitative’ in nature. Quantity is always  expressed in ‘Numerical term’.

Standard instruments like scale, thermometer is used in mesaurnment. in order to measure the learning achievement of student in diffrent subjects. We use Exams, Unit Tests Class Tests etc. And assign them marks and Scores.

Scale we used in measurement of learning achievement is dynamic in nature but standard scale or instrument used to measure physical characterstic of object is Universally valid.



  •  Assessment is a process by which information is obtained relative to some known objective or goal. 
  • Assessment refers to to the full range of information gathered and synthesized by teachers about their students. 
  • Assessment is qualitative and as well as quantitative in nature.

According to Linn and Milller, “Assessment is any of a variety of procedures used to obtain information about student performance.”\

Assessment is a method for analyzing and evaluating student achievement or program success.

Assessment includes all those activities undertaken by teachers and by their students in assessing themselves, which provide information to be used as feedback to modify the teaching and learning activities in which they are engaged.

The assessment data may be numerical or Qualitative like marks and score  and Qualitative data like intrest of student in learning of the subject content and concpt, involment in subject related activities , pace of learning , study habit of student etc All these aspect of data is collected in the process of Assessment.

Specific or definite purpose

An assessment of learning is always done with a specific purpose .

Purpose like-

  • Removing the learning difficulties.
  • Causes of learning difficulties.
  • Enchancing the learning.
  • Removing the weakness of the student.

To know the exact status of the specific learning issue , the teacher to assess student with  specific tool like diagnostic test, Pesonal interaction of teacher with student, one  teacher to other teacher and teacher to parents.


Evaluation is the process of systematic collection and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data for the purpose of making some decision and value judgement.

According to Kwilane and hunna,Evaluation is the process of gathering and interpreting evidences on the changes in behaviour of the students as they progress through school.”

Evaluation = Qualitative Information + Quantitative Information + Value judgment.

Quantitative Information is collected with the help of testing devices like unit test, monthly test, semester and annual example etc. The score or marks are awarded to students for particular subject.

Qualitative Information like pace of learning (Slow learner, average learner, fast learner ), learning difficulties, cause of learning difficulties are gathered.

These informations are properly gathered and analyzed. After analyzing a judgement is made regarding the learning status or progress of the child and the whole process is known as EVALUATION.

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