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Qutb ud-Din Aibak (1206 – 1210), The first ruler of Mamluk Dynasty, Born in 1150,  he was a general of the Ghurid army in India. Aibak was a slave who rose through the ranks and Became the founder of Muslim rule in India.

Who was Qutb ud- Din Aibak?

Aibak was born to a Turkish family in Central Asia. when he was a child,  He was kidnapped and sold as a slave to the chief Qazi of Nishapur, at a town in northeastern Iran.  Qazi treated him Good and  provided him with high quality education, as the time passed, he got well versed in archery and horsemanship, however when Qazi died he was again sold to Muhammad Ghori in central Afganisthan. He worked under Ghori and rose up to the high  ranks and became Ghori’s trusted general and commander.

How Qutb ud-din Aibak became the Ruler of India? 

Muhammad Ghori had no Son thatswhy he divided his kingdom among his nephew and loyal lieutenants. He was given the charge of Ghori’s Indian possessions after 1192. because Aibak  was primarily responsible for the conquests of northern India.

When Ghori was assassinated, Aibak declared himself Sultan of Delhi in 1206.He is known for being the true founder of Turkish rule in India. Because Ghori Never paid attention toward India. 

Achievements of Qutb ud-din Aibak .
  • Qutubuddin Captured Delhi and the famous Qila Rai Pithora –

Qutb-ud-din made the decision to remain independent after the Death of Ghori.  He began by fortifying his position in Delhi and Lahore. He attempted to persuade some Turkish nobles to submit to him. He secured their support by marrying his sister to Qabacha and his daughter to Iltutmish. His father-in-law, Yeldoz, refused to accept his claim to Delhi. Meanwhile, an interesting situation arose in which Qutb-ud-din was victorious.

  •  Qutubuddin founded the slave dynasty or Mamluk dynasty and this new kingdom is described as the Delhi Sultanate. 

The first three Sultans of Delhi are said to have been slaves in their youth. As a result, they belonged to a single dynasty known as the slave dynasty. Qutbud-din-Aibak, Iltutmish, and Balban, the first three rulers, were all slaves. When they ascended to the throne of Delhi, however, neither of them belonged to a single dynasty nor was any of them a slave. The Qutbi dynasty was founded by Qutb-up-din, while the Shamsi and Balbani dynasties were founded by Iltutmish and Balban, respectively

  • He was honoured with the titile of Laksh Baksh or giver of Lakhs –

He was given the title Lakh Bash (Giver of Lakhs) for his generosity. However, he was also responsible for the destruction  of many Hindu temples.

  •  He established full control over Northern India and made Lahore his capital.


  •  He started the construction of famous Qutb Minar but it was later completed Iltutmish.

Qutbuddin Aibak also had started construction of the  Qwat-ul-Islam (Might of Islam) mosque in Delhi  in 1192 which was the first building of Qutub Complex During the time of Aibak’s rule the Iron Pillar was also built.  Standing at the centre of the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, the Iron Pillar is undeniably amongst one of the most famous heritage attractions in Delhi and within the entire Qutub Complex.

Death of Qutb ud-din Aibak

Aibak died in an accident while he was playing polo in 1210. He was badly injured when he fell from his horse during the match. He was laid to rest near the Anarkali bazaar in Lahore. Iltutmish, another slave who rose to the rank of Sultan, succeeded him, extending the Slave Dynasty.

qutub minar

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