Rajasthani Vesture & Ornaments Notes – राजस्थानी वेशभूषा आभूषण



Jama – This garment is worn from neck to knees. In the Mughal period, Jama was worn from the neck to the ankle of the feet, it was called Akbari Jama.

akabari jama

Pajama – worn from the waist to the ankle of the feet. Clothing.

Dhoti – This white colored garment It is worn at the waist.

Kamarband/Patka – It is a garment tied around the waist in which a dagger or sword was kept.

Angocha – a garment worn on the shoulders of men.

Achkan – This is an evolved form of Angrakhi.

Chuga/Chowga – It is a garment worn over the tunic.

Pachhevda – a winter garment worn by men.

Duchhi – It is worn like a Jama cloth, most prevalent in Mewar.

Briches – A garment used in place of churidar pajamas.

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