Discipline/Dispilinary Knowledge

Most student especially B.ED student mistake discipline means law ,following the law , order but it has another meaning too especially for B.ed Topic.

Meaning of Discipline

Discipline- The organised body of knowledge with logical structure of a particular field was termed as discipline.Like- Sub,field,skill,profession,study area etc.

Derived from Latin word-

Disciplus means- sub,student

What is Disciplinary Knowledge ?

Knowledge of particular field,skill,subject,profession,branch,area, is known as Disciplinary Knowledge.

Role of Disciplinary knowledge in school/Cricullium

  • It makes curriculum planning and development easy.
  • To develop Intellectual power of student. (Reasoning ,Logic).
  • It helps to improve education of Children.
  • It plays important role to achieve national standards in reading,writing and numerecy.
  • To remove or explicit the complexity and challenge of the problems.
  • To develop the specialization.
  • To develop mental training/ability (Broad minded, Comparative study).
  • To develop the Insight.
  • To develop scientific attitude.
  • To develop social value.
  • Tp develop vocotional value.
  • To develop rich experinces (Lab, workships,Play).

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