Mountain Building – Notes | Geomorphology

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Mountain are significant relief feature of the second order on earth surface, a mountain have several forms

  1. Mountain Ridge symmetrical slopes
  2. Mountain Range Same age but structurally different mountains 
  3. mountain Chain group of  mountains of different period
  4. Mountain Group  same period but unsystamatic pattern of slopes
  5. Cordillera  group of various group of Mountains
Classification of Mountains

on the basis of Hight 

low mountain  with hight between 700-1000m

rough mountain with hight between 1000-1500

rugged mountain with hight between 1500-2000

high mountains with hight above 2000m]

on the basis of Location

  • Continental Mountains   in which we have costal(appalachinas and western eastern ghats) and inland mountains (Urals , Aravalli and many more)
  • oceanic mountains which rise from the floor of oceans measurement taken from the base of sea eg. MAuna kea in havaii 9140m from sea floor

On the Basis of Mode of origin

  • tectonic mountains  divided into 4 parts 
  • fold mountain – folded due to the compresssion force of the earth
  • block mountains  – formed due to the sudden and divergent force of earth
  • dome mountains locco lith batholith etc 
  • mountains of accumulation’s  made by volcanos  eg cinder cones, lava cones etc
  • Eroisional or relic mountian – eg aravallis vidhyanchalas etc
Block Mountains 

Also called fold block moountains 

salt rangee of pakistan 

seirrra nevada of Usa



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