The Fort of Jodhpur/Mehrangarh


  • The fort was constructed as the third capital of Marwar under onders of Rao Jodha 1459 A.D.
  • Its foundation was laid on an isolated rock, above 400 ft. above the sandy plains on the cast & south, on Saturday the 13th May, 1459. The surrounding wall is from 20 to 120 ft. high & from 12 to 70 ft. thick; it encloses an oblong space of about 500 yards in lenght & 250 in breath.
  • This enclosure is almost completely covered by Palaces, barracks & magazines. According to legend one Rajia Bhambhi was interred alive in foundation to invoke good fortune & to crisure its impregnability-On the top of the rock selected for forts saint Chiriyanath lived after whom the peacock shaped rock was called as Chiriya took. It is also known as Mordhawajgarh and/or Mehrangarh.

-The Entrances of Fort-

  1.  Jaya Pol which was built by Maharaja Man Singh in 1806 & the door was brought by Thakur of Nimaj from Ahemedabad during the reign of Abhai Singh.
  2. Amriti Pol which was built by Rao Jodha .
  3. Jodha Ka Falsa was last point of There are two main entrances, onc at the north west comer & Fort built by Rao Jodha, 
  4. Loha Pol was also built by Rao Maldeo & ES gate was fixed in 1752 by Bijay Singh. The Satis who immolated themselves left the Fort through this gate, Hence their handmarks can be seen.
  5.  Suraj Pol was built by Maharaja Sur Singh.
  6. Fateh Pol was built by Maharaja Ajit Singh to commemorate his victory other Mughals in 1704.

From the top of the Fort very good view of the City can be glanced. The top of the outer walls from south to cast are wide rampartas for artillery while the other side of walls is surrounded by chain of battlemonts. The masonary work is very solid, walls have been cut heavy stones & Joined together either with cement or ironpikes outer walls are strongly buttressed & the masonary spiked to the on which it rests. Most of the rulers of Marwar from Jodha on have added portions to enlarge or renew parts of the fort built by Jo A force pump was also put up which lifts water from Raniser to to the fort & palaces thereon.

  • Four more gates lead to the Fort. They are known as Dhne Suraj pol, Imrat pol & Bhairon pol.
  • Sher Shah Suri conquered this fort & as token of his victor got a mosque erected inside.
  • Built in red stone & decorated by Jalis & Jharokas the fo embodiment of Rajput architecture There are many residential buildr in the Fort which add to its beauty as well as utility. Moti Mahal w built by Maharaja Sur Singh in 1595. Khabgah Ka Mahak was built h Maharaja Ajit Singh in 1 707, Phool Mahal was built by Maharaja Abl Singh in 1724 A.D.
  • Fatch Mahal was also built by Maharaja Ajit Singh. In this building state jeellery is kept.
  • Takhat Vilas was constructed by Maharaja Takhat Singh in I813.
  • Maharaja Ajit Singh got constructed Daulat Khana and Chowkela Mahal in 1707.
  • Abhai Singh got contructed Kach Mahal in 1724.
  • Bichla Mahal & Sileh Khana were constructed during the reign of Maharaja Ajit Singh.
  • Sinagar Chowki was constructed for coronation of Raja during the reign of Maharaja Bakhat Singh in 1751.
  • There are three important temples in the Fort. The Chamunda Devi temple was reconstructed by Maharaja Takhat Singh in 1757.
  • The temple of Murli Manoharji was built during the reign of Maharaja Abhai Singh. He also got constructod temple of Anand Ghanji.
  • To make the fort self sufficient undermentioned Beras were got constructed because right from its creation the fort has faced sicges of rival Rajput rulers as well as the Mughals. Patalia Bera was constructed by Abhai Signh Chiria Nathji Ka Jharna is as old source of water supp as the fort itsclf. Main source of water supply were Ranisar & Padai Sagar tanks.
  • Following big guns are also preservod in the Fort. They wore famous for long distance firing. They were named as kilkila, Shambhuban & Gazanikhan guns Kilkila gun was got built in Ahemedabad by Maharaja Ajit Singh while Shambhuban gun was taken from Sarbuland Khan by Maharaja Abhai Singh after his defeat. Gazani Khan gun was pcovered from the ruler of Jalor when Gaj Singh defeated him in the year 1607.
  • Inside Fort is Mehrangarh Museum which is near Surajpol gate. Old armoury, articles to signalise memories of various wars, military dress, old paintings, old palanqines, hodas used on clephants, valuable carpets & other rare but articles of historical value are preserved in the  museum.
  • Before closing description of Jodhpur Fort it worthwhile to mention here that this Fort possesses memories of heroes like Durga Dass Rathor, Ajit Singh ctc. The Fort was also attacked by Amir Khan Pindari. With this fort is intermingled the romantic story of the Mewar Princess Krishna Kumari who committed suicide to end overtures of woers the rulers of Jaipur & Jodhpur.

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