Education Psychology


Education Psychology is study of the bheaviour of the learner in relation to his education.It enable and improve teacher ability which is appropriate for teaching and learning.


  • Introspective Method- This is old method . In this method he/she looks in your own mind how you understand or think on particular subjects.In other words we can self-observation what we observe about your own mental state on a particaular subject or topic.Its has many demerits too every person mental state is not same about any particular subject because your mental state and thinking on any particular subject is your private thinking or mental state.
  • The Observational Method- This method is most popular in this method individuals’s behaviour is observed by another person. This method is completely against of Introspective method in which your behaviour or mental state is observed by self but in this method it is observed by another person or psychologist behaviour observed may expressed by Speech, facial expressions,bodily actions,bodily changes.These method is widely used in to study about human behaviour.                                                                                                                                            This method has demarits too because a individual see the observer he/she may become self-conscious about his behaviour individual he/she may not behave like he behave alone so in some places one side glass is installed to observe individual how he behave when he/she is alone.Before getting any conclusion on the behaviour of individual may observe behaviour on various conditions.To ensure the accuracy of observation. Behaviour may be observed for a specific time period and on diffirent conditions.
  • The Experimental Method- This method is firstly used by German Psychologist Wundt who opened first psychological labortary at Leipzing in 1879.Psychology had made a tremandous progress in last 50 years by use of this method.The Experimental has gain more prominence. In experminet obesrvation is made under controlled situation in laboratory. In this method laboratory situation is under control of experimenter. Situation of outside doesn’t efffect the results.This method takes place in pre-planned and systematic conditions.So its findings is excpected to more reliable,dependable on human abilities of intelligence,memory,learning,fatigue are obtained out of this method of Experiment.


Scope of Education Psychology-

The Education Psychology getting greater and greater importance day by day in the field of education. Education psychology is study of behaviour of teacher and person connected to education.

  • Learning Process- Learning is major part of education. It studies learning and Learner to make it more effective and easy.
  • Human Behavior- It studies about human behavior in educational conditions.Education Psychology is study of behavior and education and work on modification. Education psychology study and modify whole filed of education.
  • Growth and Development- Educational Psychlogy is study of growth and development of the child. How child passes through various of growth and What are characteristcs and behavior of each stage included in Educational Psychology.
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