Causes of Decline of Mauryan Empire

After the death of Ashoka in 232 BC Mayuran Empire began to Decline. The last King Brihadratha was killed by his genral Pushyamitra Shunga in 185-183 BC.

  • Weak Rulers-Successors of Ashoka and Son and GrandSons was not a great mayuran rulers this is the one of major causes of decline.
  • The Split of Mayuran Empire-After Ashoka the mayuran empire split in two parts.This weakened the empire become another cause of decline.
  • Internal Revolts- There was an internal Revolt by army chief Pushyamitra Shugna in about 185  BCE to 186  BCE
  • The Religious Policy of Ashoka- The Bhramins are not happy with the policies of Ashoka because he banned the animal sacrifices it stopped the income of Brahmins and gift they recieved whe sacrificed is made.
  • Oppressive rule in provinces-The  rulers of provinces in Magadhan Empire were often corrupt and oppressive. This led to frequent rebellions against the empire. During the reign of Bindusara, the citizens of Taxila complained against the misrule of wicked bureaucrats. Although Bindusara and Ashoka took measures to control the bureaucrats, this failed to check the oppression in provinces.

  • Huge Spending on Army- In the time of Mayuran empire huge funds are spent on army. which effected royal treasure which causes financial crisis for sucessor kings.
  • Lack of attention toward North-West frontier- Ashoka was busy in various religious activites which cause less attention toward North-West frontier which gives a good chance to Greeks they setup kingdom in Afghanistan which carries a series of attacks on North-West frontier which make mayuran empire week.

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